How we started


In 2002, the dream of “Field of Greens” was turned into a reality. Being life long residents of Topeka, our family can remember how magical it was to go downtown to shop and eat. Downtown has always had a special place in our hearts, and we decided that we wanted to be part of making it prosper again.

Over the years, downtown has learned the brutal lesson that there are other places you can go to do business in Topeka, but for us, we did not want our business to lose the warm feeling you get by being downtown. The history is amazing, the buildings are historic, and just about everywhere you go has a cool story waiting to be revealed.

In our experience, all of the other downtown merchants chose their locations for more than just making a buck; it’s about existing in the heart of their city with a loyalty that no chain establishment can touch, no matter how difficult that challenge may be.

The Schultz Family